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Wildrose Women's Triathlon believes in giving back to the community and empowering women. Portions of the proceeds go directly to the YWCA and we collect donations including: diapers (size 4, 5, 6), baby wipes, baby shampoo, jackets, running shoes, journals, alarm clocks, recreation and event passes, transit passes and more. Please note that while they appreciate the value of gently used items and clothing, the YWCA can only accept NEW items with originally labels and packaging.  

The YWCA has been there to support for women and children for over a century. Their programs and services are designed to help vulnerable women find stability, then build the skills and confidence they need to make permanent, positive change in their lives. These include a 24 hour crisis line, domestic violence support and shelter, community housing and support, employment resource centre, family counselling and so much more.  YW Calgary is the largest and longest serving women's organization in Calgary. During their 108 years, they have touched tens of thousands of lives and are continually working and evolving to meet the needs of women in the community. 

What does a $25 donation buy?
$25 provides each new client who arrives at YWCA Mary Dover House with clean linens for her bed.

What does $120 donation buy?
$120 enables the YWCA Sheriff King Home emergency shelter to purchase medical and first aid supplies to ensure that clients are safe and cared for each month, and also ensures that YWCA Mary Dover House clients are safe and secure through the provision of security personnel and surveillance equipment each day of the year.

What does a $250 donation buy?
$250 provides a woman and her child fleeing family violence with a safe place to stay, basic needs, counselling and referrals for a day.  It also enables the YWCA to complete police checks on employees in YWCA Mary Dover House to ensure the utmost safety of all clients.


•“The YW stood with us from the day we arrived with just the clothes on our backs, to the day, months later, when we settled into our new home. And they never gave up.”-Regina, YW client

•“After escaping an extremely abusive relationship, I promised myself to make every effort to ensure my children had a better life than I did and that no one would ever be violent towards us again.” -Jade, YW client

•“I remember the first night we were there, I knew we were where we should be. It was the feeling of being safe for the first time in a long time.” -Amber, Sheriff King Home client

•“I know both English and Spanish and I still can’t find a word to describe how thankful I am for all that has been done for me. Thank you to all staff that have shown so much care and concern and helped me believe in life after crisis.” -YW Calgary Sheriff King Home Shelter resident


•Family violence is the single largest woman’s health issue in Canada, with more reported cases than heart attack and stroke. It affects women of all races, ages, socio-economic classes and educational backgrounds -and in many cases, it involves children.
•Domestic abuse has steadily been rising in Calgary over the last few years with showing 34%more incidents of domestic violence than the 5-year average. In fact, police responded to 3,089domestic violence calls in the first three quarters of 2017.
•In 2017, YW Calgary helped more than 770 women and children through our family violence programs and services

YW Calgary

YW Calgary delivers a number of preventative and supportive services within the context of addressing the needs of vulnerable women living in poverty and assisting them in accessing and maintaining safe and affordable housing.
•YW Sheriff King Home emergency shelter–many vulnerable women remain locked into a cycle of abuse because they have nowhere to go. The YW Sheriff King Home emergency shelteris a haven for women and their children who are fleeing family violence. We provide basic needs including food and personal items. On site case managers provide counselling and connect clients to resources for housing programs, legal services, and education supports. The goal of the YW Sheriff King Home emergency shelteris to provide safety and security and then to establish a transition plan to ensure safety and security can become a regular way of life.
•The acute and subsidized housing shortage in the Calgary community exacerbates the challenges faced by women accessing services. Using a strength-based and trauma-informed approach, staff support women to heal, build personal capacity and acquire skills.
•YW Calgary’sstrategic intention is to be a catalyst in a city sensitive and responsive to the real needs of women and their families. We are a leader in ending family violence and poverty and intervene when and where women need us most. We know that when you help to change the life of a woman that positive change ripples out to affect her family and her community for the better.
•YW Calgary works with women,children and men to make positive changes to break the pattern of violence and find healthy relationships and futures. Our priority is safety and sustainability for all members of the family.
•Family violence, and the impact of it, can be experienced by all members of the family and become an inter-generational pattern that will continue on unheeded without intervention. That is why YW Calgary is committed to empowering women, children and men to move from a place of fear and trauma toward the resilience that comes with recovery and healing.

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