I am thinking about trying my first triathlon but don't have a lot of the equipment I see others with...

Is it mandatory to have a road bike or can I use a mountain or 'regular' bike?

Mountain bikes and 'regular' bikes are fine.  Even a 'cruiser' with a basket on the front will work! We want this event to be inclusive to all level of participants; use what you have.

I don't own a wetsuit. Is it mandatory to use one?

One of the reasons the Wild Rose Triathlon is the perfect race for beginners, is that it is a pool swim. Because the swim portion is at the Foothills Aquatics Centre, and not in a lake, you do not need a wetsuit. You can complete the swim portion in a swimsuit or a tri suit.

What is a tri suit?

A tri suit is a one or two piece suit specifically made for triathlons. They come in all shapes and sizes, and are available at a variety of price points. The benefit of wearing a tri suit is that you can complete all three disciplines in the same suit. The fabric is designed to dry quickly after your swim and provide cushioning on your bike seat. If you'd like to learn more, visit Tri It Multisport (1703 10th Avenue SW, Calgary) to speak with the staff there.

I'm not a strong swimmer but I've always wanted to try a triathlon...

This is a supportive event for women to try new things and push their comfort zone. We will be chearing you on no matter what! Many ladies complete the swim doing breast stroke and doggy paddle - you do not need to be a pro at freestyle to complete this race. The pool has lane ropes you can grab if you need to and you can take as many breaks at the end of your lane as you need. What matters most is that you feel empowered and supported to arrive on race day and give it your best.

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